Week 1 – Reflections

Although Week 1 may still be tweaked, am keen to get a good start on the reading content and learning paths of this subject as I return to work next week.  One of the activities asked for our own thoughts regarding our views of digital technology.  After reading  this link from the Study Desk, I have come up with my own words to try and make sense of how digital technologies operate.

My understanding of digital technology leads me to believe that digital technology uses the binary system of multiple 1’s and 0’s (on/off) (true/false) to carry out more complicated functions of storing or representing data. For example, a black and white picture could use 1’s for the black (yes do colour in the pixel) and 0’s for the white (no don’t colour in the pixel).  A very ‘dummed’ down version of this, however I think I now understand!

Found this YouTube clip (Digital Technologies – What are they for?) which was designed to support teachers in their understanding regarding the teaching of technologies in the Australian Curriculum.

Ref: Digital Technologies – What are they for? (2015).

P.S.  Another tick!  Have just learnt how to perform 2 more operations regarding the imprinting of media and links to this site.  I shall continue with the week 1 activities.

Having  read through all that I am required to in the first official week of the ICT learning journal, blogs, study desk and readings (SEEK), I now feel more confident that I can rely on the SEEK, SENSE, SHARE framework to develop and use my own conceptual model to learn and understand the content (SENSE).

My understanding of how this course works is:

There are:  Weeks, modules, assignments all running parallel to each other.

Assignment 1: Module 1: Weeks 1,2,3:

Assignment 2: Module 2: Weeks 4,5,6,7,8

Assignment 3: Module 3: Weeks 9….

Assignments also to include 9 blog posts each assignment and completed learning path activities.  Learning progress reports should be posted each Friday.


My understanding of how the ICT tools are interrelated:

SEEK: Each week I will gather new information from the learning path, student’s blogs, study desk forums and information sent to me via Feedly.

SENSE: I need to think about this information and then write down my thoughts about the new content in my blog.  I can also write comments and highlight information  using the Diigo tool.  Completing the learning path activities on the study desk will also help me make sense and I can also join in any discussions if I choose.  When I make my own sense of the information, I can then share my sense with others.

SHARE: I can share my new information with other people in the group or make public.  If I find a valuable resource, I can post the website onto my blog or I can share with the group and public via Feedly.

To diversify my learning I can filter information from certain people

In short:

SEEK: Learning path/Blogs/Study Desk/Feedly

SENSE: Learning path/Blog/Diigo/Discussions/Concept Maps

SHARE: Blog/Diigo/Discussion forums/Facebook

For example I searched this  blog  and viewed this amazing video…….enjoy!


Week 1 accomplished and although it was time consuming and stressful at times, I think I have got my head around most of it.












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