Reflection: Week 2

Still working my way through week 2 and I must say that by following others in the group has helped me to feel a little more confident with the technology.  One of the activities this week calls for the searching and sharing of blog sites from teachers.  Found it a little tedious to search for blogs that did not require a ‘sign up to pay’ section.  Thought this site was free but the resources are limited. After talking to a couple of teachers at my work, they thought it was valuable at times to use and have made use of some of the free features.  Many of them also  choose to use Pinterest which is free after you create a login account.

I thought I would save time and check other blog sites such as this site by a girl called Holly.  Holly is following some successful teacher blogs via Facebook including ‘This Reading Mama’ where developmentally appropriate printables, activities and tips for young readers and writers are shared.  Here is the website if you don’t have Facebook!

I have also bookmarked some other interesting documents including this one relating to the advantages and disadvantages of ICT which was shared by shlaw92.

Further reading of the module asks us to consider the social and ethical practices of using images and content from the internet.  As part of the ICT component of the Australian Curriculum, students are expected to ‘apply social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT’ (ACARA, 2015).  Schools and students are expected to follow these safe practices therefore it makes sense that parents are involved and included in the safe practices of using the internet.  One such school has ensured that parents are informed about the safe practices by sending out this notice to parents.  Great idea to follow in my future teaching environment.

As a safeguard check to ensure sites and content are safely used in a responsible and ethical manner, it was surprising to learn about the Creative Commons and how I can safe check my images and content.  Also great to learn about definition of copyright.  SO I search my image through Flicker, copy and paste the URL into and get code and then copy and paste that near my copied image – Got it!


Their ears… and their whiskers … and” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by  Ian Livesey 

From my over all understanding of copyright, everything has been created by someone.   I think from now on when I use any image or reference a site I will make, sure as mentioned above, to run it through Creative CommonsFlickr, and


The final activity this week encourages me to find ‘my somewhere’ and use a framework to analyse why or why not I should use ICT.  I chose to use the EDC3100 6 step framework:

1. ICTs available

2. It’s the way things are done

3. Goodish Practice

4. Curriculum Requirements

5. Theory

6. Empirical Research

Here is my Concept Map:

Here is a link to my concept map: Year 1 Maths







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