Week 3: Reflections of Checklist


Working through the assignment, there are definitions of some of the programs and tools that confused me, for example the Digital interactive response system.  After reading this article I thought this would be a great tool to use for feedback and quick!

Am struggling to differentiate between 2 of the questions in the checklist.  Question 47 and 48 both refer to ‘Questioning’.  After reading the definition of the 2, I am still a little confused as to where I should answer.  No. 47 states ‘Questioning’ and No. 48 states ‘Questions, cues, and advance organisers (which I believe are graphic organisers).  So in seek, sense, share I shall try here to make sense of these two questions.

Another of the questions in the checklist asks whether the use of ICT impacted on the scaffolding of tasks which I believe to be true.  I thought about Vygotsky’s theories regarding the ZPD that I could attribute to the scaffolding of tasks but had already used this reference in the questioning area.  So I read a blog from a girl called Samantha Curry about scaffolding.  It was called Scaffolding: A Constructivist Approach to Teaching and Learning and it’s impact on ICT’s in schools.  Really interesting and managed to attribute one of the questions to Jerome Bruner, another constructivist who writes deeply on the wonderful effects of scaffolding students.

After looking around some of the other  I found on Andrea’s post  that she is also not quite sure how she would go with their assignment.  Although I have nearly completed the checklist, I too am still unsure of my information.  Anyway Andrea’s post did have a link to another resource page that can be linked to from this site.

The checklist is now completed and I am feeling a little more confident with my choices. After analysing the lesson plan, which I originally thought made quite good use of ICT, it has come to my attention that more opportunities to provide ICT could have been placed within it.  According to Professor John Hattie,the benefits of using ICT to both students and teachers are huge, yet the lesson makes very little use of it all. The top six situations when ICT has the most positive effect on learning can be found here on the Study Desk.

Anyway after constantly checking and rechecking my information on the checklist, I feel that I cannot go anywhere else with it.  Just like Emma, I too found it a little confusing and finally pressed SUBMIT!

I must add though, that after completing this checklist I am now so much more informed about the benefits of using ICT and the range of technology that is available, so a big thanks to EDC3100!  Moving on to Week 4!









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