Week 4 Blog Post to Diigo Group

After reading and writing reflections from the past week’s learning path it is now time to share some thoughts about my intentions for the unit plan for assignment 2.  I decided to first of all look at what others in the Diigo 3100 group had shared, always helpful.



School: The P-6 primary school is located in Brisbane consisting of many different cultures.  The Co-ed school is situated in a low socio-economic area with a high number of low level learners. The school wishes to increase the English and Mathematical capabilities of all of the students through their newly developed ICT program. The school has an energetic team of teachers and support staff within.

Students: The students in this Prep year are aged between 4 and 5.5   This Prep class has 20 students, 12 boys and 8 girls. Three of the boys are ESL students who have recently migrated to Australia.  The ESL students are supported by the ESL teacher who works with them individually and as a group both in and out of the classroom.  The ESL students have an adjusted learning plan. There are 22 Laptops available on a roster system to all three prep classes, however each classroom has their own set of  iPads and an interactive whiteboard.

Staff: Each room has one full time teacher and one full time teacher aide.

Special Events: In the third term of the year, the annual ‘Book Week Fair’ is on.

Learning Objectives:

Language/Expressing and developing ideas: 

  • that texts are made up of words and groups of words that make meaning (ACELA1434) (Construct Knowledge).  
  • Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge(ACELY1651) (Transform Knowledge)


Understanding and skills dimension: Receptive modes/Ideas and information in texts: (Construct)

  • use developing knowledge of concepts about print;sounds and letters;images;predicting and questioning strategies to make meaning from short, predictable familiar texts and some unfamiliar texts.


Understanding and skills dimension: Productive modes/Language and textual features:

  • use words, phrases and images to convey ideas in own texts and to communicate clearly in informal group and whole class settings (Transform).

Unit Topic:  It’s all about ME!  Students will create a short story (digital) of their week at school  (This is my idea at present but may change as I  learn further.).

Have already downloaded some Apps that students can use to write their own book.  Easy to use via this handy iPad App.  Create your own digital book by downloading this App.

I am still not clear on what I am supposed to be doing….especially from the standards elaboration perspective but hopefully with much scaffolding and direction I shall get there!  It appears there are many others e.g. Kayla who also find it all a little overwhelming.  Hopefully I will get feedback from David or others regarding my idea.  I do find it difficult to comment on other’s plans though when I’m not that sure I’m on the right track myself.





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