Week 5

Getting my head around the learning experiences – found Emma’s blog really great to read to gain her perspective of these.  This has always been the most difficult part of unit and lesson planning to me so thanks to Emma, made a little more sense….BLOOMS!

Remembering & Understanding – This part relates to Learning Experience 1: Constructing Knowledge

Applying & Analysing – This part relates to Learning Experience 2: Constructing and Transforming Knowledge

Evaluating & Creating – This part relates to Learning Experience 3: Transforming Knowledge.

Just to add, have always found this quick reference list of Bloom’s actions words really helpful.  Here is the Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs list.  Even better, to bring it in to the 21st Century, the Blooms Digital Taxonomy.  Definitely one to look at for Assignment 2.

So far I have my Context written out, my Content Descriptions listed straight from the Curriculum and I have identified the criteria from the QCAA elaborations/syllabus.  I am feeling a little confused as to what I need to write about in the scope though.  I did read on the Study Desk about the scope again but still a little confused.  Anyway I’ll leave stage 1 and move onto stage 2 to try and make more sense.

Stage 2 done and now to the hard part… Stage 3.  Have found the Learning experiences book on Study Desk to be really helpful where they break down the 3 learning experiences.  Copy and pasted the information into my own unit plan so I have a start.

Found some really great ICT resources that connect to the Curriculum on this site and throwing up here to return to later:

Reader Rabbit, JumpStart Phonics, Living Books, podcasting, Gamequarium, Read•Write•Think.

Kidspiration, Inspiration, Bubblus, interactive whiteboardPowerPoint, word processing, Inspiration, Kidspiration, Discovery Education Streaming, student response systems.

Storyline Online, BookFlix, e-books, WiggleWorks, podcasts, student response systems.  And many, many more that I will look at.

Have also looked at some unit plans that I could get some ideas from in the Australian Curriculum website:

Unit plan

Unit plan






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