Learning Experiences and Week 6 Reflection.


In between completing my Unit Plan, I am still trying to keep up with the Week 6 activities.  So much reading to complete.  Reading Jessica’s post, it is interesting to find what others to do plough through the readings and the learning path.  Jessica skims first and then re-reads but still becomes frustrated with finding information.  I myself read the entire text…lots and lots of information but then I forget.  I highlight and take notes but no matter what I still also become frustrated when I can’t recall where something was.  Although I am becoming a little more efficient.  It seems no matter what you do, it all becomes a little scrambled at times.  Hopefully returning to all my notes from feedly and the Diigo group will condense some of my thinking.

This weeks learning path asks us to look at the R.A.T Model again as we move into the designing and evaluation of our chosen learning experiences for the unit.  I also need to revisit the SLIC Framework found here on the Study Desk.  Hopefully this will enable me to design rich and exiting learning experiences that will enable students to transform their learning.

Learning Experiences now all complete and have to say, after being scaffolded through the writing of such tasks (incorporating ICT of course) from the study desk I can honestly say, or shout “I  UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAN LEARNING EXPERIENCES!”  Learning experiences have been the biggest hurdle and worry for me over the past years, both in unit planning and lesson writing.  Finally I understand (I think) how they all work and flow through.  So once again a big thank you to EDC3100.  Now on to the justification!

Once again in a seek, sense, share approach shall look around other blogs and the study desk to gather what I need to do to cover this element of the assignment.  Some research also needs to be carried out that I will probably require down the track.  The blog site is very handy for displaying direct links to the information I need i.e…..

Dual-coding Theory

Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Graphic Organisers


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