Week 7 – Reflection

Have been looking at other blogs and it appears some people have blogged about their final stages so will have a good read.  Was a little stuck on the rubric…don’t know about others but really dislike the A B C D ‘E’.  Have been trying to think of something a little more positive to place here.  I work with a few ‘E’ students and many of them try so very hard and I know when they see an ‘E’ they are very sad.  Anyway I think this is a part I can change within the unit and stumbled on  this report writing site called verbs for reporting. Will try and find an idea to use in the rubric that will let students, parents and school know students are underachieving with a better choice of words that are less confronting for the student.  Thought I would add it to the Diigo site,  and when I added  I did come across a really great ‘training resource site’ with training videos.  I also wasn’t sure about what to reference in the unit however reading the Study Desk Assignment information it appears we only have to provide references for the justification only which would also include some of the references if mentioned from the plan …I think!

Well Assignment 2 now complete and just editing and fine tuning the information.  Great! Now to move on to the learning path for the next module.  Have been look around other site and appears Assignment 3 is a little scary.  Hopefully if I keep up with the learning path and read and complete everything, it won’t be too bad. In this site, the student is going to wait to they are on prac to start it so that is some relief.  I don’t go on prac till October so it will be good to get everything covered before I go.  Will be great to have some time to go back over my other subjects and see what stage the early years  students are at and what they are expected to learn.  I am lucky in that I can perform my professional experience in an out of school setting.  I am returning to the same place as my last placement.  They were so lovely and helpful and their support and advice gave me so much confidence to fly on my own regarding the planning and teaching of a lesson.  I am looking forward to returning and really would love to come out of it knowing I can actually work as a Kindergarten teacher.  Anyway found  this great article stating that student teachers performed better when given positive feedback by mentors .  It did write further something really interesting that resonated with me.  The article went on to say that although student teachers felt better with positive feedback, they would still feel anxious when their lessons or teachings were not ‘perfect.’  The article stated that some student teachers are their own worst enemy and they should focus on the positive not the negative.  How true this is.  Anyway it is worth a read for those going on professional experience.

Finally finished editing and ready to send.  As always will leave a couple of days in case something else comes to mind.  After viewing copious amounts of research I have come to realise the need to, very early encourage the digital users to become tech social savvy users.  Interesting to read this article about digital users.  Matt, a kindergarten teacher, believes in the need to teach young students to understand that what they post is real and stays forever.  At present he is teaching the students how to use google docs and is tweeting with weather stations to help them build relationships with digital tools.Their digital world, he believes should be controlled when they are young so they have the knowledge and skills to be good digital citizens later on.  I agree with Matt and believe the teaching of ‘digital manners’ is no different to teaching any other life skills or manners.  It is all about adapting to, and living  well in an ever changing environment.



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