Week 7 – catch up reflections

Now that assignment 2 is finished, time to catch up on last weeks learning path.  Wow, full on course but great to be learning so much.  At the beginning of the course, they mentioned this is not a course that teaches us how to use technology but I have to admit I have gathered so many different skills along side the teaching pedagogy.

The first request was to snap a picture of your view outside and email.  Very pretty and a great way to stimulate learners when they are discussing weather patterns.  Anyway a lovely outlook!

Photo on 28-08-2016 at 1.30 pm


Feeling very anxious regarding the P.E.  Interesting reading on a blog site and looking at the  6 steps that a teacher uses before she hops in front of the class to teach.  Have noticed that other students have made contact with their PE place so thought I could do the same.  Really liked how earlychildhood1000 mentioned the following as a set out of what they know about lesson planning:  Have some headings to work off.  Am performing my prac in a Kindergarten so shall align knowledge with information relating to EYLF/QKLG framework, sadly I do not know too much so hope to learn more about what I have to do to plan lessons in this environment.

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  • Curriculum
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Sarah’s concept map is worth looking at as well and found her comments about the EYLF to be informative as that is the area I am going into.  Sarah also pointed me towards the Queensland Curriculum Guidelines which I will also need to read up on.  Also thought to bookmark this from the Study Desk showing a table of when and why to gather the different types of feedback.

Have just made an appointment to go in and observe for a couple of hours and tee up a time to go back a week before the PE is due.  Thought it wise to plan some lessons while on school break and would be great to know what the students are learning.


After reading this article this article regarding social media behaviour it really does it home the need for young children to be taught how to use social media and to teach them from a very very young age.



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