Week 8 – Digital Citizenship

Week 8 asks us to think about the safe practices of using technology.  Emma Dennis posted a link to a really good website that add further to our growing knowledge of safe practices. Safe Schools Hub.  ‘The National Safe Schools Framework defines the nine key elements of a safe and supportive learning community. It was good to work through the learning path as I did pick up on some new opinions and safe practices to use.

One bad experience I have had, which thankfully was caught in time, happened back in the days when little ones were just starting to play games on the computer.  My 6 year old girl had wanted to play a game on the computer that we had played many times before.  As I walked into the study to check the site had loaded, I was confronted with a simulated sex act appearing across the screen.  Thankfully my little girl was 10 steps behind me and I was able to hit the switch.  The image was very  graphic and disgusting.  This was my first initiation into cyber safety.  Sadly though, I could only protect them for so long.  I had control over them at home however  with the introduction of the smart phones that other children had access to, there were no boundaries I could put in place.  As they grew older they told me what that had access to as little as 6-7 years ago and so I dread to think what they can access now. Received 4/4 for the test, working at a school there is much information available surrounding bullying.  23/25 for Safe Kids site.  Thought it was a good site for students to learn what to do when they receive or read inappropriate material. Many could delete information and/or not know what to do.



I feel that I am quite well informed regarding the safe use of ICTs in the classroom but always great to know more.  There is so much information around regarding ‘anti bullying’ including Say No To Bullying website and esafety  and stay smart –  resources and information provided within.

I still have not received confirmation of my whereabouts regarding Professional Experience but when I do I shall be reading up on their policies regarding ethical use of technology for these young (Kindergarten) students.  I do know that in the curriculum the ICT Capabilities ensure students are provided with experiences to……



What has changed is that I have made an appointment to go into the learning facility for a couple of hours to look around and check everything out.  From this I will make an appointment to spend the whole day shadowing the mentor and asking a couple of questions so I can develop 5 great lessons, incorporating ICT, before I start my Professional Experience.  If these are written early and well planned, I can then modify early and be ready!

  • What, if anything, about your planning for Professional Experience has changed as a result of this week’s learning path?




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