Week 9

In the learning path this week there are very in depth instructions on how to use the IWB.  Knowing the model and make will be very beneficial to google how to use that particular model.  Again in the learning path their were many IWB resources stated here as well.

Yesterday I visited the Kindergarten and looked at the IWB.  Very modern and easy to use apparently!  The IWB was being used in the mornings as an interactive device to project yoga movements to the Kindergarten children.  The teacher said that the high visuals used in the children’s yoga really engaged the children.  The teacher told me to look at a really great site for IWB use called pbskids.  Great ideas throughout all learning areas.  Really looking forward to going back to the centre and writing some exciting learning experiences that involve ICT.  I do know there are 2 iPads available , a digital camera and an IWB so much of my research will be centred around really great lessons that incorporate ICT utilising and learning about these devices.  Good to remember from the learning path “Drawing on the last 3 learning paths should help you complete Part B and be well prepared to effectively use digital technologies to amplify and transform student learning”.  Part B is where i’ll head to next.

One resource I would use for the Kindergarten children who do learn days of the week will be this flipchart found in teachers pay teachers.  The students will enjoy this highly visual display of the days of the week.  They will also enjoy coming out to the board and use their bodies to write (embodied cognition).  One major benefit of the IWB is that it provides excellent opportunities for students to collaborate with each other in their whole class context.




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