Week 10

Back from holidays so need to do some catching up. This blog explains how the IWB works.  Always interested in the ‘how’ of things.

Reference: BBC Active. (2010). What is an Interactive Whiteboard? Retrieved August 22, 2013, from this site.

Have just received confirmation of my Professional Experience… Kindergarten room for the 3.5-5 year olds.  So first point of call is the QKLG.  Found this daily routine also in the QCAA which helped me understand the program of an average day in any given room.

I have decided to plan my lessons around literacy, maths, art and health.  First I need to return to return to theories regarding the developmental stage of this age group and very helpful to link in to my prior blog post where I have found that these children are in the Pre-operational Stage of Development (Piaget).  This will be a start to provide me with valuable information on their learning stage and where they are heading to.  The lessons I plan will certainly be centred around this stage to encourage further development.  Also returned to essential questions I could use in my lesson plans by clicking into this site.  I also know that the centre has only 2 iPads, an IWB and hopefully a digital camera that I could not locate.  As mentioned on the Study Desk  here ‘Digital photography is one of the easiest, most accessible and most productive uses of ICTs to enhance student learning in a range of contexts. A quick Google search reveals pages such as this which provide ideas, advice, and pointers to other resources on how to use digital photography in the classroom.  The students in this classroom are 3.5-5 years of age so think this is definitely a good use of ICT to add to their lessons that hopefully will enhance learning.

So nice to hear positive feedback from other bloggers such as earlychildhood1000.  How wonderful that they have completed their Professional Experience and had wonderful experiences.





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