5 Lesson Plans for Professional Experience

This is where I have always had difficulty.  Searching and locating appropriate lessons and looking at ideas that I could use to design rich learning experiences.  Templates for observations can be located here but really need to do a lot of research for the lessons themselves.

In the Kindergarten program, students are learning about letters and sounds so I think my first lesson will be planned around this.  The difficulty is that the children choose their own letter and sound of the week based on their discussion of real life experiences.  So I may choose my letter to be ‘Z’ but they could have other ideas! In a ‘Plan B’ approach I think I will write up the plan using a particular letter, however I will ensure that the plan can be adapted in case the students choose another.

After spending a morning in the Kindergarten room I am performing my Professional Experience, I gathered a couple of good ICT ideas I could use to enhance the learning of the letters.  Think it is wise to blog and place these websites and ideas here so I can return to them throughout the prac.

When the students learn a particular letter/sound they watch a small You Tube clip relating to that particular sound.  The students know the song as this YouTube clip is used each week so they can join in and sing along. The site is called: Olive and the rhyme rescue crew.  Half way through the YouTube the internet connection was lost….note to ensure that I have a Plan B when I write my lesson!!!

Another really great resource used for teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds is a phonics based approach program called Letterland.

Am feeling really confident about this professional experience.  The mentor is so lovely and very helpful.  Actually looking forward to spending next three weeks there.

Another great resource that I can see will be valuable is one that I found in the Diigo Group.   Promeathen Planet appears to be a good choice that I can relate to Kindergarten.  Many of the resources I have come across apply to Foundation onwards so pleased to grab ideas from this.



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