Prac Kindergarten

Readying for planning – some handy sites all on one page:


pbskids (Interactive Whiteboard interactional activities)


Read.Write.Think. Interactive k-12 (Reading)

alea – Resources for early childhood workers

First steps reading continua : (Students aged 3-4.5 (Beginning reading)

Students 4.0 -5.5 (Emergent)

Starfall (Spelling)

Spellodrome (Year 1….)


Reading concepts/conventions:


Different types of text- different purposes

Print/texts all around – real world

People use texts to do things


Where to start/front of book/back of book/where to start reading

Print:  left to right

Spaces between words

One spoken word t0 one written word

Letters make words.  Words make sentences

Return sweep

Left before right

What is a letter/ what is a word?  First and last letter of a word.  What is a sentence?

What are capital letters..questions marks?

Functions:  Title page, content, author


ICT:  Screen print different.  moved/changed by reader.


MATHS: (Pre-Early Number) –

Developing early mathematical understandings


A language model for mathematics:

Concrete/Visual: Familiar Objects (teddies, cars..)  Verbal: Student Language


Abstraction Concept: What can I count?

determining, matching, sorting, comparing, and ordering attributes. Patterning. Attributes: concept:   How to pattern: Skill.

Determine: Use all 5 senses: recognise and name attributes such as colour, shape, size, mass, weight, texture, sound, taste, type of material, function.  (How is … the same/different?  How does it feel?  rough/smooth. (Feely box) (pictures) (words) (sounds) (numerals)

Matching: Sameness/likeness /outline (lego) (big stories) (pattern cards) (flashcards)

Sorting:   All red, all triangles:  Decide, Do, Describe

Comparing:  Long/longer, heavy/heavier, taller/shorter, more/less

Ordering: 3 things familiar first.  (Post Office – envelopes/cylinders) (Shop – size cans packets, volume, height, weight).  Order events (MTWTFSS) (sleep, breakfast, school..) (Order taking off shoes, first , second..)

Patterning:  Create visual, auditory (clap) movement (hop, skip). Language: Over and over, repeat


One to One correspondence – 1 number 1 point 1 object.

Stable order 1-9

Cardinal principle (last number tells how many)

Abstraction – What can I count?

Order irrelevance – left to right – right to left.

Counting:Quantity:Position – Subitizing



observation-circle (observation learning story example)



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