Day 1 – Reflection

Before attending my first day on prac at the kindergarten,  I was feeling very nervous and unsure as to how I could go about meeting the requirements of the EDC3100 subject. However after my first day filled with intense observations I can see how easy it is going to be to meet the expectations. Although the professional experience carried out in the kindergarten does not require me to write lesson plans, I have actually written two after the first day.  I modified a USQ lesson plan template from my last professional experience to write out the lesson which makes it easy to follow.  The children spend much time learning through play, therefore the teachable moments occur as they are playing.  There are opportunities each morning to explicitly teach literacy and maths concepts and skills however most other subjects are integrated into rotations that follow.

One student stood out today, little Miss ‘S’.  I originally thought she was an ESL student, but my mentor explained to me that she speaks in her L2 (English) at home all the time!  Miss S doesn’t say much, if anything at kindergarten.  Throughout the day I spent some time at the group table where they were drawing.  I asked her to tell me about her drawing.  At first she would not say a word but after much encouragement and questioning, she did repeat some of my words and added further information about the drawing.  I then asked her how many legs were on the bug and also asked her if she could see a colour on the page that related to the letter of the week (g).  She said ‘green’.  Tomorrow I will spend time with her again to encourage her to share further.  I will also deliver a small lesson to recall the letter and sound of the week,   hoping that the interactive white board works this time to use a table. I also need to organise a painting station for rotations to practice fine motor skills.  Today was AWESOME!



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