Day 2

Another great day of teaching mainly in small groups.  Have gathered some really great ICT apps for young learners to engage and interact with technology.  This is a really great app for using fine motor to enhance the learning of letter features.  Queensland Cursive Writing App for beginners.  A similar app to encourage students to interact with ICT tracing around letters is montessorium letters.  Am also about to plan a lesson around health and wellbeing and will be using this multimodal presentation to engage students in a Yoga session, followed by an activity where they are going to be gluing fruit pictures to make fruit kebabs.  They will also  and cutting up watermelon and rockmelon and threading them on sticks to eat.  Love Kindy!  So much time to learn through play and real world concepts.

Although the students are very young, my mentor tries to incorporate technology into the learning experience each day with the limited resources she has.  Each day the students are using the iPads and viewing and interacting with the whiteboard.

Really sad that others are not having such as great or valuable professional experience time such as Melanie.  So frustrating when the teacher does not accommodate the student as this makes it so much easier and worthwhile when they do.  Good luck Melanie!


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