Day 3

Day 3 was filled again with observations and small group intentional teaching episodes. The kindergarten runs with the same letter and sound of the week so have planned to teach a couple of learning experiences around that.  Trouble is the little students choose and vote on their own letter.  Hopefully the teacher will let me direct them into learning about the letter ‘Y’ that I have designed my lesson around.  Because all KLA’s are integrated with each other into rotations, I have designed my lessons to do the same running through the week.  Everyday is different here, some days there are more than others, sleeping, eating and playing also take up a large chunk of the day so am trying to offer small teaching moments to individuals and groups where there is opportunity. Any way my 5 lessons will all run together through next week and hopefully I get to teach a whole learning experience to the whole class…..unless, as happened this week,  three times a week half of them leave to attend a extra curricula affair (dancing and soccer!)


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