First week done!

What a great week but like Emma a very busy one!  Loved the bouncy balls website that Emma has put up and will definitely use for some music time next week.  Finally got to teach a full lesson to whole class, however the teacher was called out of the room ….. ! oh dear – but really pleased to see the children all engaged and it all went well.  The IWB had connection problems but I was able to hotspot my iPhone and bring the YouTube clip up on my laptop.  They were learning the conventions of print and it was great to be able prompt their thinking about beaches and forests by watching the beginning of a multimodal story of ‘Where the Forest meets the Sea’.  They saw birds flying and heard all the forest and sea noises.  What stood out to me was that everybody had a chance to identify with the features of the beach and forest as some had not been in a forest.  They really loved the book and wanted to watch the whole video of the story….next week!

My mentor is so lovely and helpful and uses technology whenever she can.  On Monday the students are going to practice holding the iPad steady and using it safely while they scan a QR code.  I have coded names of healthy fruit and vegetables from A-Z underneath as they are learning letters and sounds at present. Hit a wall when I had to think of a vegetable or fruit starting with X!  Anyway free Apps from Apple to scan and free coding site here.  Just type a word and it automatically creates a QR code to print out.  It will be interesting to see their reaction when their scan reads a word!  All of my lessons have been created and will follow a ‘healthy’ theme next week.  Hope the IWB works though or I will  have to create my own Yoga lesson!!



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