Second week

Another lesson down.  Students were recapping last week’s letter of the week (G), other letters and sound they have learnt and their new sound ‘Y’.  Devised a plan to cover all three stages using Blooms taxonomy to ask questions such as ‘What is?.  Where is?  How could you?. Can you? and What other?’


Prior learning of letters and sounds and new learning experience of the letter ‘Y’.  Then recapping their new learning with a You Tube clip ‘Olive and the rhyme rescue cue – letter Y and further adding ‘Y’ activities to their rotations.  Note to self…do not place fine motor gluing activities on a table under the fan!!!!  Anyway the lesson went to plan and the teacher feedback was very positive.  Also found some really great kindergarten letter/number activities on kidzone.  Very helpful for extra activity sheets.


As part of the QKLG’s Learning and Development Areas, Active Learning suggests children should use information and communication technologies to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking.  Students should explore tools, technologies and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in play and active learning using information and communication technologies for a range of purposes (QSA, 2010).

Keeping to the above curriculum, today I presented a really engaging lesson for the children.  My idea stemmed from the children all wearing superhero or other themed tee shirts and hats to kindergarten each day, i.e, batman, hello kitty, Dora, cars, Barbie. We had a big discussion about symbols and their purpose and brainstormed where we see symbols in the real world.  I had also taken some photos of the symbols and showed them on the iPad.  I showed them a barcode and QR code and some of them recognised both symbols.  Then they learnt how to hold the iPad safe and steady to scan a QR code.  They loved guessing the name of the A-Z of fruits/veges that I had typed into the code and they enjoyed watching the green line scan and beep.  They want to have another go tomorrow!  Although they don’t really understand the concept of the codes, they were able to practice using the ICT safely and steady and the opportunity arose to discuss safe ICT practices at home e.g., don’t touch Mum or Dads phone without asking!  The lesson cut across many areas of the curriculum including  Active learning – ICT and Communicating – Symbols, purposes of text.  The teacher thought the whole lesson was was an engaging and fun way to teach the students how to safely use devices.  She was very impressed.










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