Week 3

After two great weeks of Professional Experience, my third week continues to roll pretty much the same way.  I am so fortunate to be under the wing of my mentor who has her Masters in Early Childhood.  She is so supportive and accommodating to any ideas and lessons I come up with.  Today she was very impressed with my lesson which sadly did not include any ICT however will be included as a run on from this one tomorrow.  Last week I blogged about one little girl (5) who was interested in the ‘Author’ aspect of a book.  Every day she comes up to me with a new book and asks “Did somebody make this book?”  Today she was so excited to be able to become an author as she got to write her own book.

The children in the Kindergarten room are involved in a program where many subjects and outcomes are integrated with each other.  Last week some of the learning experiences included  conventions of reading, letter recognition and counting to 10.  With all this in mind, and in support of student initiated learning (Ella wanted to write her own book), I created a lesson that would cover all areas.  I made a booklet called ‘My numbers 1-10’.  Students had to write their name on the front cover under ‘Author’.  The lesson began with them each having their own bag of brightly covered buttons and each had a turn to count and place on the Ten’s Frame on the floor I had made.  They would guess the number and prove it by counting one to one correspondence of each button.  At the end I asked them ‘How many more would you need to get to 10?” when they had 7,8,9.  They loved the challenge of the higher order thinking questions which were new to them as they are have been practicing  counting to 10 but not adding! After that introduction, they all were given their  own copied book of numbers 1-10 to glue in objects to match the number in the book.  They were all counting each time they pasted 4 fluffy balls or 7 pieces of twine they had glued in.  Ella loved it that she had made her own book and was now a budding ‘Author’  Tomorrow they will all get to finish the book and take it home to their parents.  To incorporate ICT into the lesson and to amplify the learning, I am going to teach small groups how to create a story on the iPad using the iBooks App and save it to My Books.  Although they will not get a chance to print this, the program App will be mentioned in the Storypark Blog the parents receive each day.  They could practice using it at home, of course with their parents permission.  I was so pleased to create a lesson that enabled the students to work across the curriculum (communicating/literacy, communicating/numeracy and Active Learning (ICT) tomorrow.  In addition, many were also able to meet suggested outcomes in the EYLF and the QKLG.

With this being my last week, and as well as teaching most lessons throughout the day, I am also concentrating on daily/weekly planning, learning stories (blog) and transitioning the students in an orderly manner.  The children are very good students and we are all having such a lovely time together…I think I’ll be sad to leave it all in a few days.

What didn’t go so well today#

The teacher was out of the room for a couple of hours for the day and I was left in the room with another staff member.  It was really difficult for me to practice transition strategies with the students as the other staff member would often stop the children and give them a little lecture.  I felt the students were becoming confused and tired with the different approaches so I decided to put off until tomorrow when the teacher was back in the room.


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