Week 3 (cont)

Yesterday my mentor was sick so I stepped up and requested to teach the whole day. Looking back at my mentor observations (written down) I was able to quickly design the lessons for the day and provide the students with interesting and fun activities to reinforce their understanding of the new concepts I was about to teach.  I found the whole day ran rather smoothly and the children were kept to their normal routine.  Transitions flowed well as did behaviour management of the whole class.  Although it was not the first time I had taken it upon myself to teach the whole day, it was the first day without my mentor present.  The next day I showed her what I had planned and she was very pleased with everything I had organised.  I am now feeling very confident and nearly fully understand how everything rolls.  Two more days to go and hopefully all the boxes will be ticked.  Tomorrow is ‘Superhero’ day so tonight  planning again for some fun learning experiences.  I have so far designed ‘Kryptonite ball toss’ to support their gross motor and to build on numeracy skills (counting to 10).  They will be recording their scores /5 on a tally graph (they write their initials, press (4) dots if they got 4 balls in the bucket and draw the number 4 using  the iPad.   I used the Book Creator App and saved their drawing to iBooks which are both free downloads from the Apple iTunes store.

They will also be painting small rocks green and sprinkling with glitter to make their own Kryptonite (fine motor).  Pinterest – Superhero games

Am really enjoying the integrated curriculum whereby all learning experiences can be tagged to different outcomes across the Frameworks (QKLG, EYLF).  Two more days to go!!!!!


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